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Oct 23, 2009


Yeah. Talking about the result. I'm pretty sure that you guys want to know my result. Huh. Basicly, my target for this semester is in the range. And alhamdulliah, pray to Allah(S.W.T), to be honest, I got two As. One A and A- and the others two are Bs. So can you guest which subject with the grades? Math, Phy, PG and IL.

For this semester, there are 4 subjects and compare to previous semesters, it is the highest and it is also the toughest semester. Two group projects that must be completed for PG and IL subjects. Due date of the projects also in between the exam period. As usuall, many groups like to start and submit in the last minute. A week before the final exam was a tension week. That the hardest things.

To my lectures, Ms Azimah, Bro Nazir, Mdm Fuhaina and Mdm Noraini, a million thanks to you. Without you i'm nothing in cfs. All are the best! Pray for me for success in gombak. InsyaAllah. To my friends, see you in Gombak. IIUM Gombak, here I come.

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Anonymous said...

you got A for your PG and A- for your IL. Congrate! I always know that you can do very well

admin said...

thx! mind to tell me who are u?

Anonymous said...

sorry for the long delay respond. I was your IL teacher. Btw, I have a project proposal coming n looking for an assistant. If you are into simulation / testing n interested, do let me know. The project is related with computer forensic n virtual machine. if u want to find out more, please connect via FB - look for my name