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Oct 29, 2009

Cuti2 malaysia


Time goes around, and to count, my holiday has come to nearly a month. Yeah two month holiday is such a long holiday. and it will become worst if you just sit at home and just do nothing. One month left before i got to pursue my studies in IIUM Gombak. Bile cuti lame2 boring plak. Aiyyaa.

The new semester in CFS has just begin. So to my friends who re-sit,repeat and finishing the semester, good luck to them.

What I do in the holiday ? Thats a good question. Haha. Nothing to be discussed actually. Routinely, i will be a driver. In the morning, send them to schools and fetch them back to home. Go to hypermarket to buy stuff. Giant, Jusco, Hero, that the mall that i usually go. Also, I will at my father's cafe to help him.  After that, I will infront of my pc. On9, surfing internet, downloading, nur kasihing, photoshopping. That a common activities. Huhu.

Oct 26, 2009

When I'm bored

I want to share with you lah, my recent photos.

Location : Masjid Negara
Comment : Taken with no tripod. So the picture was not properly alligned.

 Comment : My brothers. Style !

Location : Masjid Negara

Feel free to comment.

Oct 23, 2009


Yeah. Talking about the result. I'm pretty sure that you guys want to know my result. Huh. Basicly, my target for this semester is in the range. And alhamdulliah, pray to Allah(S.W.T), to be honest, I got two As. One A and A- and the others two are Bs. So can you guest which subject with the grades? Math, Phy, PG and IL.

For this semester, there are 4 subjects and compare to previous semesters, it is the highest and it is also the toughest semester. Two group projects that must be completed for PG and IL subjects. Due date of the projects also in between the exam period. As usuall, many groups like to start and submit in the last minute. A week before the final exam was a tension week. That the hardest things.

To my lectures, Ms Azimah, Bro Nazir, Mdm Fuhaina and Mdm Noraini, a million thanks to you. Without you i'm nothing in cfs. All are the best! Pray for me for success in gombak. InsyaAllah. To my friends, see you in Gombak. IIUM Gombak, here I come.

Oct 22, 2009

[PS] Design your own simcard

1. By using Rounded Marquee Tool, design a rectangle shape (simcard-like). Then use your favourite color.

2. Right click >> Blending Options, then use this setting :

3. Use the same tool and design a new rectangular shape while pressing the SHIFT key.

Click Image

4. Repeat step 2 by using this setting:

5. Next, the important tool in photoshop, Pen Tool. Create a few lines as below.

6. It is not complete yet. The lines that you are to create.

Click Here

7. Merge Down (Ctrl + E) the 'lines' layers..Then Right Click>>Blending Options

Click Here

8. By using pen tool. Create a path like below. Then Right Click >> Make Selection. Then fill it with white color and opacity=10.

Click Here

9. Then put some text, logo based on your creativity. Here is the result. clap