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Oct 22, 2009

[PS] Design your own simcard

1. By using Rounded Marquee Tool, design a rectangle shape (simcard-like). Then use your favourite color.

2. Right click >> Blending Options, then use this setting :

3. Use the same tool and design a new rectangular shape while pressing the SHIFT key.

Click Image

4. Repeat step 2 by using this setting:

5. Next, the important tool in photoshop, Pen Tool. Create a few lines as below.

6. It is not complete yet. The lines that you are to create.

Click Here

7. Merge Down (Ctrl + E) the 'lines' layers..Then Right Click>>Blending Options

Click Here

8. By using pen tool. Create a path like below. Then Right Click >> Make Selection. Then fill it with white color and opacity=10.

Click Here

9. Then put some text, logo based on your creativity. Here is the result. clap

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