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Oct 29, 2009

Cuti2 malaysia


Time goes around, and to count, my holiday has come to nearly a month. Yeah two month holiday is such a long holiday. and it will become worst if you just sit at home and just do nothing. One month left before i got to pursue my studies in IIUM Gombak. Bile cuti lame2 boring plak. Aiyyaa.

The new semester in CFS has just begin. So to my friends who re-sit,repeat and finishing the semester, good luck to them.

What I do in the holiday ? Thats a good question. Haha. Nothing to be discussed actually. Routinely, i will be a driver. In the morning, send them to schools and fetch them back to home. Go to hypermarket to buy stuff. Giant, Jusco, Hero, that the mall that i usually go. Also, I will at my father's cafe to help him.  After that, I will infront of my pc. On9, surfing internet, downloading, nur kasihing, photoshopping. That a common activities. Huhu.

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