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Nov 23, 2009

AL-Khawarizmi Programming Competition

ACM-ICPC Malaysia al-Khawārizmī National Programming Contest 2009


Alhamdulillah, as in the title, IIUM has been organized such a annual event on 22nd - 23rd November 2009. The participants come from all around the universities in Malaysia. The first day was been held in the Cultural Activity Centre ,C.A.C Hall, mainly for the opening ceremony. After that the participants were having the mocking session in Lab A. The next day, was the real competition.

A brief idea of what is ACM-ICPC is.

     As agreed by ACM-ICPC Headquarters (Baylor, Texas), Malaysia will host the ACM-ICPC Regional 2010, and ACM-ICPC World Finals 2011. The International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), with strong support of the Ministry of Higher Education had fruitfully brought ACM-ICPC to our country. 
      Today, IIUM organizes the Malaysia national level ACM-ICPC (al-Khawārizmī) annually as preparation platform for all our local universities contestants to prepare and qualify themselves for the Asia Regional and subsequently the World Finals ACM-ICPC. Source

So lets have a look to the event.

Past year competition in 2008. Both of the team from IIUM. The winner!

The table of VIP.

IIUM teams having a lunch. Dont know what they are laughing about.

A team from other university.

IIUM Team #1

IIUM Team #2

IIUM Team #3

IIUM Team #4

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